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Trent Keegan Photographer
Katrina Aftermath
On August 29th 2006 The state of Louisiana and city of New Orleans was hit by another massive Hurricane.

Hurricane Katrina had passed across Florida just days before causing considerable damage. The storm intensified its force once entering the Gulf of Mexico. With winds sustained at 125mph (205km/h). Hurricane Katrina came to land once again ploughing into the State of Louisiana and attacking the city of New Orleans head-on.

For those who had lived in the area all their lives, it was just another storm. Nothing out of the ordinary, more an inconvenient routine of taking a few personal belongings and leaving the city for an expected few days.

Six months on and many of those people are still not able to return to their homes, or where their homes once stood.

 "Hurricane Katrina devastated our city leaving thousands homeless and causing catastrophic damage but its the American Government who have left us high and dry with nowhere to turn."

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