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Trent Keegan Photographer
Living in Kongowea

A scene not so photographed when tourists flock to the coast of Mombasa city in Kenya. Kongowea slums is the home to many thousands of Kenyan's trying to survive in astonishing circumstances.

A home in the slums can have 4, 6, 8 or more rooms each containing a family of 2 to 10 person's. With a communual hall way opening out to the sun for drying washing and bathroom, hole in the floor for all the families to share. If your fortunate to have two or more of your family in employment you may be able to afford two rooms of which your family of usually six plus will sleep eat, study and live together. to say these families are close is an understatemnet.

Houses are often made of mud and rocks with rooves made from palm frongs or corrogated iron. If it rains expect to get wet. In the summer the temperatures sore.

And through it all the people of Kongowea live their lives with simple desires of an education, food to eat and the promise of a better life.